The $500 Billion Opportunity
Most Small Business Owners Miss:
How to Fast-Track Landing Lucrative Corporate Contracts

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If you're a consultant, coach, or small business owner on the hunt for a high-paying roster of corporate clients, you need to know the lay of the land before you make first contact.

There are some very overt and some very subtle things that could trip you up if you don’t know how to handle them…everything from identifying your ideal client to closing a deal.

Already have corporate clients? You'll also find out how best to leverage those relationships!

On this eye-opening, fun and interactive webinar, you'll discover:

The #1 mistake consultants, coaches and small business owners make when trying to approach corporate clients (if you take nothing else away other than this juicy nugget of info, you'll be well on your way to smoothly landing corporate contracts!)

Plus, how to:

  • Accelerate opportunities forward and set you apart as THE PERFECT solution that gets buy in and ultimately wins you the business.
  • Develop the right product/service offering that nails your brand and positions you for fast cash results.
  • Attract the right decision makers – there is actually a proven formula for doing this that will shave hours off your outreach time.
  • Engage in a breakthrough approach to engaging decision makers that will get you the meeting every time WITHOUT BEING SALESY!
  • Secure recurring revenue with a strategic business model that sets you up for success from day one.
  • How to land "1000-day" clients
  • And more!

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Tuesday, March 27th
2pm ET / 11am PT

Dragica Grbavac, Executive Director

Exactly the business breakthrough I was looking for!

"I did what Kim taught me to do during the Land Corporate Clients Fast-Track Program to prepare for and engage in a recent meeting with a top corporate decision maker. As a result, I was able to "knock it out of the park”! Further, the discussion with the target client, has led to the promise of a significant innovative engagement in 2018.

Since I first met Kim and then working with her, she has facilitated connections (through her network and Trailblazer Forum) that have led to incredible insights, and ultimately resulted in a whole new direction, clarity and revitalization of my 20-year consulting business. Couldn't have done it without your help, Kim!"

Dragica Grbavac, Executive Director, UVIDI Consulting
Steve Bratt

Taking my results to a whole new level!

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training I received in the Land Corporate Clients Fast-Track program. Kim Chernecki absolutely shines as a coach/trainer who makes everything easy to understand and implement. I particularly like the templates we were given which shorten the time frame to handle prospecting, and elevate the Customer conversations. I feel so much better equipped for meetings; how to approach and follow up with high-level professionalism. Kim's experience and insights really made the training impactful and memorable. I’m confident this program will make a difference as I explore new business opportunities, and would highly this program.”

Steve Bratt, President

Imagine … in 90 minutes,
learn how you can build a successful, sustainable business
no matter what stage you're at!

Get your questions answered, and leave with powerful tools and strategies you can use right away.

Why should you listen to me? Here’s a little background…

About Kim Chernecki, Canada’s leading expert on helping consultants and small business owners land corporate contracts


Kim helps consultants and small businesses strategically land and keep a steady roster of high-paying corporate clients. Kim has 25+ years of experience as a strategic sales performance executive, facilitator, coach and entrepreneur. She has consulted with executives from 100+ leading North American and Fortune 1000 companies. She also started and grown eight businesses, so she knows what is takes to make a business successful and profitable.

Kim has worked with numerous corporate clients across all lines of business at Sun Life Financial, Bank of Montreal, Manulife Insurance and 40 other organizations across multiple industries.

Join me LIVE!
Tuesday, March 27th
2pm ET / 11am PT

Ready to learn the “real deal” on handling corporate clients? I’ve got the inside scoop for you!

Your Landing Corporate Clients Coach




P.S. Without the proper roadmap, you could spend countless hours trying to figure out the process. So why not save yourself the headache and learn from the undisputed expert!

Joanne Trotta

I had the distinct pleasure of being networked to Kim where we engaged in a three-year strategic blueprint process, coupled with sales strategies and approaches for our business.

Since our initial engagement, Kim and I have continued to collaborate on refinement of my value proposition, sales tactics and pricing strategy that has enabled me to grow a multiple six figure business that’s now headed for seven figures. Thank you Kim for being an amazing strategic partner!"

Joanne Trotta, President and Founding Partner, Leaders Edge Inc
Rick Forchuk

Having worked with many providers of training and development over the years at Empire Life, Kim was the first to make a significant and concentrated effort to understand our company, our business model, and our people, before offering any recommendations at all. 

She worked with us at Empire Life to meet our strategic (and tactical) learning needs that resulted in our choosing her in a multi-year initiative and partnership.

The platform that she presented, and then enacted, set the standard for the way we now sell and become Trusted Advisors with our clients……”

Rick Forchuk, VP of Insurance and Distribution Practices, Empire Life Investments – Insurance