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Claudia-AdairWhen I first reached out to Kim, I had just started up my own sales training and coaching business. I wasn’t sure where to start and what to focus on. I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck. I was worried that it would take too long to lift off my business – going backwards financially was not part of my plan!

My confidence started to wane and I started losing sight of what I had to offer that was unique and valuable. Then it dawned on me that launching a business required a different and unique skill – one that I needed help with.

After a few sessions with Kim, I got focused and established some confidence – “small wings” that could take flight. Kim helped me establish clear cut steps and a pathway to results to generate the cash flow I needed. My confusion subsided and I started to get traction.

Now I feel grateful! I feel much more certain of the value I have to offer and feel more confident and calm. While I’m still in the process of figuring out what my business will ultimately be like, I feel the financial and emotional stability I need so I can make that happen.

Claudia Adair
Former VP of Sales, Corinthian Colleges
Now President and Founder, Transform and Perform Coaching and Consulting


“The biggest challenge I faced when I started to work with Kim was how to define exactly what my offerings and value proposition would be to potential clients.

I was feeling a bit scattered and overwhelmed by the challenge of defining it and then articulating it in a succinct and compelling way. I was really at a crossroads as to whether I could go to market with something of value and something that companies would choose to pay me for.

Going through the various exercises around Discovering my Unique Superstar Formula as well as the subsequent elements and exercises of Kim’s program, it all began to take shape and I got really focused and inspired about getting out there and having conversations with people in my network about my consulting proposition.

I feel really strong and centered now about my future consulting business and excited about continuing to work with Kim to take the right steps toward eventually realizing a dream of financial freedom and flexibility to work on my own terms on the things I feel most passionate about.”

Val Duffey,
Head of Human Resources



“If you’re starting a new business, Kim’s program is where you want to start first. She helps you to gain deep insight and clarity to create the best possible business idea unique to you; and has a unique process to turn that into a compelling vision and holistic plan to fast track results. As a bonus she is an absolute pleasure to work with while helping you reach your goals!”

Graham Kingma
Former Fortune 100 Sales & Customer Experience Executive,
now Business Solutions Advisor


Joanne_Nazim1cir“Before working with Kim, my partner Nazim and I were challenged about clarifying our value proposition and how to articulate a clear & simple 3 year plan on our start-up corporate training business. We had so many ideas and thoughts and Kim helped us crystallize our value proposition, strategic focus and high level plan. The exercises she engaged us in helped free our thinking, work together collaboratively and allowed creativity to flow more easily; plus it was fun! At the time we were feeling nervous as we have never built a business from scratch before. Also, we were overwhelmed as it is easy to get caught up in all the little things we needed to do vs. focusing on what is important. Kim helped us develop a simple, focused 3 year blueprint that we will use for years to come. We are confident in our plan and in fact have been executing against it quite diligently over the last 12 months. We are also thinking of working with Kim again as we build out the consulting side of our business since we have such great success creating our original blueprint!
Nazim Jamal & Jo-Anne, Leaders Edge, Inc.



MicheleFournier150_circle“Kim inspires you to think big and most women were not raised to be big! If you have a business idea or concept and want someone to bring out your passions in a big way that creates abundance and prosperity then this is the program for you.”
Michele Fournier – Former Sales Leader, now Holistic Therapist




Jennifer-Tribe1circleBefore I met Kim, I was looking for a niche or specialty within my broader field of communications but wasn’t quite sure which of the many options to go for. I also wanted to grow my revenue. I was frustrated with the lack of momentum in my business. I felt like I was spinning my wheels, and I was never sure if the time and money I was investing in my business was being invested in the right place — the place that would make the most strategic sense and bring the biggest return.

Kim opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at business. The resources she recommended blew my mind with new information, and the exercises she led us through gave me a concrete goal and a path for getting there. I can’t imagine running my business today without the insights I gained in Kim’s workshop. They have become fundamental to how I operate.
Jennifer Tribe – Former Corporate Communication Specialist, Now working with entrepreneurs to create and implement content marketing strategy and self publish books


rachel-website-photo1-circlMy biggest challenge when I started working with Kim was focus and clarity on how to build my business. I had an idea that I thought was possible, but had no idea how to tackle the execution.  I was feeling overwhelmed, distracted, questioning my abilities and mentally scrambling in different directions. I was wavering between creating my own business (where my passion lied) to looking for employment elsewhere (which held zero appeal to me). I was questioning myself, my abilities to become a successful entrepreneur and had no clue how I would support my family. Working  with Kim provided me with immediate clarity, gave me focus and direction. Each session left me enthusiastic and fed my passion. I am now confident in my business, in my abilities and I have laser-focus on what I need to do next.. Additionally, Kim helped me open my mind to possibilities that I never would have considered. Working with Kim has been a fantastic investment of time and money. I view Kim as an extension of my brain and my business. She is a strong thought partner, she pushes me to vision and act, think and do. I know that the success of my company will be largely founded upon the work Kim and I have done together.
Rachel Levy, Former Telecommunications Executive now Executive Coach and Performance Consultant



“Kim shows up in a big way that supports all of you and the vision for your life. Her program is perfect for people who are ready for action, who want to create a business as well as those who don’t know where to begin.”
T’Ameaux – Spiritual Counselor[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]