How to get your first 3 clients – Part 1

2010-12-07-writing_tabletWait! You’re not ready to sell yet. You’ve done a lot of preparation, all of which is necessary to start your business. I know you may be “chomping at the bit” but you need a bit more planning.  Whether you’re starting a entirely new business or you want to rejuvenate and inject energy into your existing one.

When it comes to getting clients, whether it’s your first 3 (or next 3), the best, easiest and most efficient way to do that is to go after “the low hanging fruit”!  Which are people in your own […]

9 Things to do to develop your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

If you own your own business you must have a UVP or Unique Value Proposition. It’s a “must have!  Your UVP tells others what you do, how this service adds value and how you are differentiated in the marketplace. It’s the most essential message you need because it establishes the foundation for all of your marketing and sales activities and everything that you do!

Why do you need one?

Why is taking the time to work on this important?  Why bother?  Also, what if you don’t spend the time to develop one?

UVP firstIt’s […]

How to create a blueprint for success in your consulting business

When starting your own business, you don’t know much (if anything) about being in business for yourself. And you certainly don’t know what questions to ask. You are an expert in the subject matter of your service/product offering but you may not be an expert in all the areas that owning a business requires you to know about.

Create a blueprint or plan to make sure you have everything covered. That’s what a builder does – they work from the architect’s blueprint to make their own detailed plans. Ask people who already have a business what they do. Are you missing […]

9 Things you can do to create the best consulting business for you!

You’re starting your own consulting business (you’ve decided to ‘hang your shingle’!) and you may not know exactly what services to offer or who your potential clients will be. The good news is that you can do whatever you like for whomever you want – the sky is the limit!

Let me give you some ways you can “custom design” your business so that you choose exactly who those clients are, what you offer them and how and when you work. The following things aren’t in any special order but they’ll help you create the business you desire.

As I said in […]

How to manage potential roadblocks as a business owner

You’re ready to start your own business (or take your existing one to a whole new level) and you feel excited! That’s exactly how you should feel. But just as in life, there will be roadblocks. It’s how you deal with each one that really matters.

You’ll be frightened and may even want to call it quits! But just as Winston Churchill said “Never, never, never give in!”  Perseverance is the most important quality that you need as an entrepreneur.

Roadblocks are a necessary part of your journey so get ready for a roller coaster ride. If you’re prepared for the ride it’ll […]