Why Cold Calling on Corporate Decision Makers Rarely Works and What to Do About It

I recently talked with a consultant I’ve started coaching and asked her what method she used to prospect. She said she’d mostly been sending out cold emails to people she didn’t know and she also did a lot of cold calling.

As soon as I heard that, I stopped her in her tracks.

If you’re still doing this, I’ll ask you to stop right now, too!

Why Cold Calling rarely works.

It puts people off because they already know you’re trying to “sell” them.

Think about it. How do you feel when you know someone is trying […]

4 Essential Keys to Growing Your Consulting Business with Complementary Partners

When you first start a business as a consultant or coach, you’re in fine-tuning mode.

As the month’s start flying by, you’re growing your key business foundations by learning to:

    1. Provide the best solutions for your target market (solutions that they’re actively looking for)
    2. Meet client expectations (e.g. learning how to set up client boundaries while still providing excellent services that can be measured in great results)
    3. Constantly reviewing your processes (which can be everything from your client intake procedures to project management and more)
    4. In essence, you’re developing the value you bring to the table as a consultant and prove that you can solve […]

New entrepreneurs: Do you have the Angst Factor?

One of the scariest things about starting up a business (especially if for the first time) is that nagging “Angst Factor”. You know, the voice inside that keeps saying How the heck am I going to make this work?

The primary reason for thinking this way is when you decide to make the leap from executive to entrepreneur, there are so many unknowns. You can do all the research and preparation in the world, have your “shingle” ready to hang out, your vision and mission in place, but somehow those tangible, practical things can suddenly take on a different feel when you’re […]

Develop your profile and brand as an expert

expert-at-businessIf you want to create a thriving business as a consultant or coach, it is imperative that you become known as an expert. As people get to know and “see” you on your website, in your videos, on your social media platforms, etc., they’ll start thinking of you as the “go to” person when they have a need or want to solve a specific problem in your area of specialty.

This is the ninth and final post in a series from my report 101 Ways to Create your Dream Consulting Business which you can […]

How to get your first 3 clients – Part 2

chackmarkYou’ve written a description of your ideal client which includes who they are, what they (and YOU) want, and where they are. Check

You’ve made the 6 lists that I described in the previous post. Check

I’ll repeat them for you. They are:

  1. everyone I know who fits my criteria for my ideal client
  2. all the connectors I know
  3. where I can find my ideal clients offline
  4. where I can find them online
  5. my dream lunch list and
  6. my referral partner  list

You now know who they are and where they are. What do you do next?

10 Tips to […]