7 Ways to Boost Your Consulting Revenue

laptop consulting revenue

Do you know 7 Ways to Boost Your Consulting Revenue? Some years ago, I got a huge wake-up call when I put all my eggs in one basket.

I put all my effort and energy into a deal I thought was a sure thing. In fact, I figured I’d be pretty much set for the next few decades with all the $$ I’d get.


I spent months with a technical team developing a computer packaging product that I thought Steve Jobs (who was the newly re-appointed Interim CEO of Apple at the […]

What hold does money have over you?

When we become business owners, money takes on a different light. Of course we need to make money in order to keep our businesses afloat. Getting (and keeping) clients is the order of the day. That’s the practicality of life. But how we think and feel about money plays a lot into being an entrepreneur.

Question-Mark-Money_fullMoney can make both our professional and personal lives easy or the lack of it can make us feel like we’re locked in an endless struggle. For most, money is a very intense and emotionally-charged subject.

Two of the […]

3 easy keys to determining your consulting fee

dollar-1175048_640One of the most pressing questions I get from new entrepreneurs is, “How should I set my consulting rate?”

While there are no hard and fast standard “industry” rules, I’ve found that above all else, you need to take your value, the market value for your service, your overhead and your expertise into consideration. You also need to be flexible for your prospects, e.g. leave room for negotiation.

Having said that, I also advocate that you never sell yourself short! If you start out of the gates with fees that are too low, you’ll […]