How the Law of Attraction links to a successful business

A powerful way to kick off 2018: Create a 3-year vision

The word Vision made from Scrabble piecesWhen it comes to attracting amazing opportunities and powerful partners, resources and customers that really FIT with your business, you’ve got to have a Vision.

Vision goes deeper than your skill set and your experience.

What Vision does is give your business its compass. It has to be clear and compelling because it becomes a powerful statement you will communicate to others to help them instantly recognize what you do and what you stand for.

Having a solid Vision that captures the essence of you is one of the […]

How to connect with your passions

A quote that helps explain passions

law of attractionOne of my favourite inspirational people that I follow is Esther Hicks (formally known as Abraham-Hicks).  You may have seen her in the movie “The Secret”.  For those who aren’t familiar with Abraham-Hicks – their entire focus and teaching is on the Law of Attraction and how our “vibration” or energy attracts what we experience in our life.

I love this quote: “The reason for desires, for goals…for finding those decisions or points of focus, is because they are the life-giving things of the Universe. […]

How to attract perfect opportunities, resources and customers to your business

visionWhat is the secret to attracting the right opportunities, partners, resources and customers? It’s VISION.

Without a vision you may be talented at what you do and have a great head for business but you could still struggle.

The cornerstone upon which to build an unstoppable and thriving business is to create a clear and compelling vision which you then communicate to others in everything you do. Having this vision is one of the most important functions for your performance as a solopreneur.

What does having a vision mean?

  • Your vision engages your customers and […]