How to create a business perfectly aligned and unique to you

Develop your profile and brand as an expert

expert-at-businessIf you want to create a thriving business as a consultant or coach, it is imperative that you become known as an expert. As people get to know and “see” you on your website, in your videos, on your social media platforms, etc., they’ll start thinking of you as the “go to” person when they have a need or want to solve a specific problem in your area of specialty.

This is the ninth and final post in a series from my report 101 Ways to Create your Dream Consulting Business which you can […]

Creating a strategic plan for success – a series

This practice will put you head and shoulders above the rest as you grow your business.

alignAlign your vision with your strategy and capture it on one page.

This simple concept is one of the best kept secrets in business. Capturing your vision and strategy on one page is the most effective approach you can use to plan and organize your business. Keep your planning simple!

I have done extensive consulting with hundreds of Fortune 1000 organizations. The amazing thing is that many organizations spend huge dollars to create their corporate strategies and most of […]

How to start your ideal business as a solopreneur

Do you have the mindset and motivation to start a business and become a Solopreneur?

motivation and mindsetIf you are reading this blog, then I suspect you already have the mindset and motivation that drives an entrepreneur and more specifically a solopreneur. You have a burning desire to do more with your life than just make a living.

You have a strong desire for happiness, freedom, and fulfillment and to do what you are truly passionate about while supporting your lifestyle.  It has been my experience that most Solopreneurs are driven to find […]