6 Powerful and Proven Steps to Get Meetings with the Right Corporate Decision Makers

Discover how freelance executives, consultants and small business owners can build an annual 6–7 figure book of business through lucrative corporate contracts

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Tuesday, September 17th
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Did you know...

  • Corporate Canada spends over $500 Billion annually on 3rd party service providers, and $13 Billion on consulting alone.

    (Data from procurement and supply decision makers)
  • The US consulting market value grew in 2018 to a staggering $68.5 Billion.

    (Source Global Research company)

Tired of spinning your wheels trying to get your foot in the door with corporate decision makers?

You're not alone!

In fact, many consultants says their TOP 3 challenges are:

  • Making initial contact with corporate prospects (getting in the door).
  • Getting meetings with those prospects and making a great first impression.
  • And knowing how to effectively drive opportunities forward to the close.

And you guessed it. The #1 challenge is finding the right decision maker to reach out to.

Come learn from two experts who have sat on both sides of the desk. They will show you how to tap into this lucrative market:

Your host and presenter, Kim Chernecki, CEO and Founder of Freedom Street, has leveraged over 25 years of experience selling into corporate North America to develop a 6-step methodology called The Land Corporate Contracts Fast-Track System. She has successfully packaged and repurposed this winning methodology in a variety of deliverables that include offerings such as live topical events, web-based presentations, private and group coaching, and more. As a former Sales Performance Executive, Kim helped grow one of North America’s Top 10 Sales Effectiveness Firms. Kim has sold millions to well-known Fortune 1000 companies, and, in her role as strategic advisor and coach, has supported over 1000 consultants and small business owners/teams.

Brad FurtneyGuest Speaker: Brad Furtney, President, Fieldpoint and DynaSCAPE and Expert Advisor for Startups and Scaleups. Brad has led the general management and revenue-generating functions for high-profile companies including CBC Media, Twitter, Juice Mobile, Bell Sympatico.ca and Labatt. He has been responsible for driving revenue results, strategic business alignment, margin improvement, people leadership, compensation design, culture enablement, and strategic partnerships. Career highlights include helping triple revenue at Twitter over 2 years, being nominated for the global team of the year 2015, and leading strategic and cultural realignment at CBC Media, where revenues grew 20% over his tenure.

Got a meeting with the President of a major corporation in just 15 minutes...

Brad is known as the veritable 'King of Networking'. He will share his proven process for leveraging connections. He is a master at selling and also has decades of experience as a corporate decision-maker who has had hundreds of consultants and service providers calling on him. Plus he has deep knowledge of the sales tools and sales technology space!

Discover what has underpinned Brad's success, and learn his insights on what it takes to be a successful consultant in today's corporate marketplace.

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During this live, training, you will discover the exact steps for building an annual 6-to 7-figure book of business with corporate clients in the quickest and most efficient way possible, whether you’re just starting out or want to re-invigorate your business and take it to the next level.

Imagine never having to worry about finding qualified leads and ongoing, consistent business ever again!        

  • Salesforce’s “State of the Connected Customer” report found that nearly 80% of business buyers prefer a consultant/sales rep who acts as a trusted advisor.

  • According to Gartner Group, six to 10 decision makers participate in the buying process for complex B2B solutions.

Eva Jannotta“Working with Kim is the best investment I've made in my business. I felt excited and energized as soon as I hired her, and I've been building momentum ever since. Through Kim's coaching I've made more progress on critical areas of my business (niching, market research, my unique value prop) than in all the years prior. Not long after I started working with Kim I got two new clients worth $15,000 AND snagged a dream client I had been following for years! Kim's energy, candor, warmth, practical outlook and support has given me so much confidence. Her teachings have converted clients and given me actionable processes and templates that I've used over and over. I am so grateful for Kim!”

- Eva Jannotta, Digital Marketing Strategist, Owner, Simply Put Social Media Strategies

6 Powerful and Proven Steps to Get Meetings with the Right Corporate Decision Makers

Discover how freelance executives, consultants and small business owners can build an annual
6-7 figure book of business through lucrative corporate contracts

Jennifer Maxwell"I struggled with how to even begin the process of getting my foot in the corporate door. Learning how to craft enticing and engaging offers that would interest corporate decision-makers was something I knew I needed help with if I was going to have any success, and Kim was the one to get me there.

Kim provided me with the tools to really go after the corporate market with confidence - something I never would’ve been able to do without her knowledge, personal insight, and incredible support.

Kim's system is reliable and fool proof. Just follow the steps, and do the work.
With Kim's tried and true approach, I'm armed with a secret weapon to land the deals I've always wanted.

While speaking to large audiences isn't new for me, I just didn't have the required information or knowledge to take my business to the next level - until now. I've just booked my first International Conference, speaking both days, and in my vertical of choice (financial). I'm 100% convinced I would never have even attempted this without Kim's Land Corporate Contracts Fast-Track Program.

This program is a MUST-DO for anyone looking to level up and book those lucrative corporate clients.

Kim -  THANK YOU a million times over!!"

Jennifer Maxwell, Founder & CEO, The Art of Connection

During this insightful, interactive session, you will learn how to:

  • Strategically find your ideal corporate prospects
  • Effectively leverage your network to get warm introductions
  • Use best practices for sending emails to prospects that GET OPENED and result in 90% positive responses
  • Deploy the 1:2 punch and learn why it's your secret weapon
  • Plus you'll gain valuable insights from a senior-level corporate decision maker and master networker
  • And more!

Linda Kern"I took Kim's Land Corporate Contracts Fast-Track program and, with Kim's assistance, I immediately landed a $7,000 contract with a major corporation head that Kim introduced me to. I got so much out of the training that I decided to engage Kim for private coaching which is helping me raise the level of sales effectiveness even more. Thanks, Kim, for all you do!"

Linda Kern, Sales Growth Expert, The Kern Group, Inc.

Join us LIVE!
Tuesday, September 17, 2019
3pm ET / Noon PT
90-minute webinar
Includes Q&A!

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We value your privacy and will not sell, rent or share your confidential information.

Can't make it live? Not to worry. We'll be recording the call for you, but you need to register to get access. For best results, we recommend attending on September 17th, so you can ask questions and interact in real time!

Dragica Grbavac, Executive Director, UVIDI Consulting, Uvidi.ca

"I did what Kim taught me to do during the Land Corporate Clients Fast-Track Program to prepare for and engage in a recent meeting with a top corporate decision maker. As a result, I was able to "knock it out of the park”! Further, the discussion with the target client, has led to the promise of a significant innovative engagement. Couldn't have done it without your help, Kim!"

Natalie Campbell-Djedje, Owner/Lead Photographer of Natalie CD Photography, NatalieCD.com

"The best part of the Land Corporate Clients Group Coaching Program is knowing the mindset and culture of the corporate CEO, the corporate decision makers. Kim equipped me to enter the corporate world as an expert. With the all the knowledge I learned, I was able to close a deal with a corporation that more than covered the cost of the course. Thank you, Kim!"

Your takeaway in just in 90 minutes ...

You'll understand how to re-engineer your business model so you can confidently find, engage with, and land corporate clients.

In fact, when implemented correctly, these strategies will serve you well over the entire lifecycle of your business!

Will you join us?

Teddy Katz"I worked with Kim one-on-one before taking the virtual class. Since I was just starting my company at the time, I was meeting a lot of potential clients and trying to learn about the gaps and opportunities that existed in my niche of communications.

I realize now with Kim's help that it's all about the client - trying to speak to them in their language and think about their needs at all times. I think this course gives you the tools to do that and everything you need to be successful."

Teddy Katz, Founder, Journalist and Chief Storyteller, Communications Redefined

Joanne Trotta, Founder and Managing Partner, LeadersEdge Inc., LeadersEdgeInc.com

"Since our initial engagement, Kim and I have continued to collaborate on refinement of my value proposition, sales tactics and pricing strategy that has enabled me to grow a multiple six figure business that’s now headed for seven figures. Thank you Kim for being an amazing strategic partner!"

Steve Bratt, President, SSD Training, SSDTraining.ca

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training I received in the Land Corporate Clients Fast-Track program. Kim Chernecki absolutely shines as a coach/trainer who makes everything easy to understand and implement. I feel so much better equipped for meetings; how to approach and follow up with high-level professionalism."

Join us LIVE!
Tuesday, September 17, 2019
3 pm ET / Noon PT
90-minute webinar
Includes Q&A!

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privacy We value your privacy and will not sell, rent or share your confidential information.

Today's corporate decision makers EXPECT consultants to provide VALUE from first contact right through to the close (and beyond).

Don't leave yourself vulnerable without the key tools and strategies you need to go the distance and EARN the right to be their Trusted Advisor! To get ahead of the game, sign up now to secure your place!

Brad and I are looking forward to meeting with you!

Your Land Corporate Contracts Advisor and Coach,




Marilee Mark, President, Marilee Mark Consulting, MarileeMarkConsulting.com

"I now have a clear and unique value proposition that I can tailor depending on the audience and have the knowledge and confidence to approach corporate decision makers. Kim is an inspiring and effective coach. Plus I loved the valuable interactions during class and on the private Facebook group. Absolutely priceless!"

Cheryl Byrne, Cheryl Byrne Consulting

"I hired Kim when I decided that I would start my own business. I appreciate Kim’s years of business experience and her easy, helpful approach. Kim held my hand through the early stages of business sales, and, as a result I'm landing more corporate clients because I have the tools and the confidence now to see me through."