A powerful way to kick off 2018: Create a 3-year vision

The word Vision made from Scrabble piecesWhen it comes to attracting amazing opportunities and powerful partners, resources and customers that really FIT with your business, you’ve got to have a Vision.

Vision goes deeper than your skill set and your experience.

What Vision does is give your business its compass. It has to be clear and compelling because it becomes a powerful statement you will communicate to others to help them instantly recognize what you do and what you stand for.

Having a solid Vision that captures the essence of you is one of the most important business foundations you need as an entrepreneur.

Your Vision should:

  • Engage your customers and partners.
  • Give you powerful daily inspiration in your business.
  • Constantly move you forward in how you set goals and plan strategically.

Don’t knock it! This is a REALLY powerful process that should not be left out of your business planning arsenal.

How your Vision can help you map your next 3 years

Take out a notebook and pen or write in your favourite computer program.

For this exercise, we’ll work with one business idea.

The trick here is to try not to analyze what you’re doing…this is more of a free-falling exercise where you let your mind go and Vision what you want to see manifest in your life.

Now write down the first idea that comes to you and let it be!

From there, staying with an open mind, take yourself into a brief meditation to bring about the “colours” and feelings about where this wonderful Vision is taking you.

Visioning Meditation Steps

1. Get yourself into a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Take 3 deep breaths; breathing in deeply through your nose, and exhaling through the mouth.

2. Whatever day you’re doing this, imagine the same day 3 years from now. You’re sitting in a beautiful park overlooking a calm lake…what does your business look like now and how are you living in this environment?

Your senses are alive and vibrant. What smells are you drinking in? How does your body look and feel? What kind of clothes are you wearing?

Do you have a sense of peace? Of satisfaction and accomplishment? Of immense joy?

Think about what it feels like to have an abundance of prosperity that constantly flows – more than enough money to pay bills, support your business and the lifestyle you imagined.

You know deep down that you have created amazing products and services that are serving your customers in a way that meets their needs, and you’ve developed great relationships with them and your strategic partners because you really care about their results.

Personal and financial freedom is yours…you can work as much or as little as you want and still maintain a thriving business that has a built-in multiple income streams. You know you’re making a difference to people, and in turn, they’re making a difference to you.

Women in garden

Now fill in your Vision with more specifics.

Even if you’re not totally clear on where your business is headed, don’t worry, this is just an exploratory moment to help you Vision where you’re going.

Imagine the scenario, then simply write down what comes to mind, without analyzing.

1. You’ve established yourself as a top player in your field, with a recognized following for what you offer and how you make a difference for people. Describe your products, programs, or services.

2. Your brand has been dominating your market. You’re well known in your industry and by the public. Describe your brand.

3. The media has been writing some very trend-setting articles about your company. Write down what some of the compelling headlines might be.

4. What are your annual sales?

5. How amazing is your office or place of business? Describe what it looks like in detail, and how you feel when you’re in it.

6. Do you give back to your community through your business? Describe how you do that.

7. What is your home like? Is it the ideal one you’ve always wanted? Describe it now.

8. What do your vacations look like…a river cruise in Europe? Skiing in Switzerland? Staying in a rustic log cabin?

Now that you’re finished doing the exercise, take note of how you felt…did you feel happiness and inspiration while Visioning your future?

When you take the time to Vision a plan for the next 3 years, you become a magnet for the right people and opportunities to come your way. So don’t just put your Visioning exercise away and never look at it again.

Keep your Vision alive by revisiting it often. In fact, you should update it every 3 years.

Then get ready to be amazed by what unfolds!

Would love to hear how this exercise has worked for you. Please leave your comment below.

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